Blogging and Marketing and Optimization, Oh My!

Did you know that 76% of consumers will look at a company’s website before ever visiting them in person or contacting them for services? 

This means your website should be fantastic and make online visitors want to use your company! 

Your website MUST do the following:

  • Exist: If you don’t have one–you need one!
  • Engage: Good content and aesthetic design are more important than you realize!
  • Encourage action: What is your call to action? Where is it on your website? How easy is it for visitors to do it?

If you’re a small business owner, marketing director, digital marketer, or anyone who plays a role in your company’s website, you know that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the next step after the 3 Es above to ensure your company is being found online. One of the best ways to improve your organic SEO is to start blogging. 

Blogs have been rated as the 5th most trustworthy source for gathering online information, which means people are looking for blogs! You have the opportunity to be a go-to source of reliable information in your industry.

Are you capitalizing on that opportunity?

Statistics also show us the following: 

  • Marketers who prioritize blogging are 13x more likely to have a positive ROI on their efforts.
  • Websites that also have a blog are shown to have 434% more indexed pages.
  • Companies who blog get 97% more links to their websites.
  • Businesses that blog experience twice as much email traffic as businesses that don’t.

You stand to miss out on A LOT if you’re not blogging! Not only does it get your message out there more and increase brand visibility, but it also improves your SEO, showing search engines that your website is trustworthy, relevant, and full of valuable information. 

Blogging increases your organic search rankings, meaning you show up higher in search results and people find your website more easily.

Optimization Matters! 

  • SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound leads (such as direct mail or print advertising) have a 1.7% close rate.
  • 72% of online marketers describe content creation as their most effective SEO tactic.
  • 70-80% of searchers ignore paid search results and focus only on organic search results. 

Okay… so you know you need to start blogging.

But HOW?

What is the best type of blog to post? What is the best method for researching a topic and writing about it well? The key is to write about what your readers want. You are writing for them, not for yourself. While you are trying to promote your company, you can’t just write sales pitches on a blog and expect them to convert. You need to add value to the readers and meet your target audience right where they are. 

From our years of experience, here’s what we’ve learned makes up quality content:

  • A mix of evergreen & timely
  • A balance of promotional and informational
  • Writing in layman’s terms 
  • Effective titles 
  • Internal & external links 
  • Calls to Action
  • Target audience-focused 
  • Scannable but complete 

Want to learn more about the importance of SEO, optimized content, and targeted blogging? Want to get started blogging now but don’t have the time or energy to do it yourself? 

Reach out to Lampstand Blogging & Content Creation, LLC, to get professional input on your current content strategy and start making positive strides toward improving your online visibility.

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