Content Audits

Content audits help you see how your site is performing. It reveals where you can improve your content, how you can improve your overall content strategy, and which areas of your website are currently performing well. When you choose Lampstand to perform a content audit of your site, you’ll get comprehensive results with tangible action steps to improve your online presence.

It’s recommended that you perform a full-site audit at least once per year. If you have a larger site or are actively implementing a content strategy, running an audit every 3-6 months is more helpful.

What Is Included in a Content Audit from Lampstand?

  • Overview of your website’s health, including errors, warnings, and notices
  • An organic search traffic chart, including search intent for each keyword
  • A list of keywords and their organic search positions on your site
  • A page-by-page content report for your top 25 pages
  • A content strategy with immediate action steps, content update recommendations, and keywords to target moving forward

After your content audit is complete, we’ll schedule a zoom meeting to go over the details and make a plan to implement an updated content strategy.

Content Audit Pricing

The pricing of your content audit will depend on the size of your website and how much content you currently have. The base price for this service is $750. Contact Lampstand for more information and a quote.