Content Audits: Why You Need to Know Where Your Website Stands

  • Are you unsure of how your website is performing in search rankings?
  • Are you uncertain about what content needs to be updated or removed from your site?
  • Do you know you need more content but aren’t sure where to start?
  • Are you insecure about your plans to create more quality content to boost visibility? 
  • Are you struggling to get people to your site and engaging with your brand?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you need a content audit.

A content audit is an overview of how your content is performing and what searches your website is showing up in. It’s a big-picture view of what content is doing well and what isn’t, and it can call attention to certain areas where updates need to be made and any problem areas that need to be addressed. 

If you can gain a better understanding of your current content, you can implement a more effective content marketing strategy moving forward. 

Top 7 Things a Content Audit Can Offer You

1. Quality Assurance 

A content audit will show you when your content was last updated, what content is performing well, where any errors are taking place on your site, and where you have some room for improvement. 

2. Optimization 

You know that for your website to be found by potential customers, it has to be optimized. But unless you have a techy SEO guru working behind the scenes, your main source of optimization is going to be your content. This includes your general web copy, your blog posts, landing pages, and any sort of written content on your website. A content audit will show you what’s optimized and what’s performing well, as well as what isn’t. 

3. User Experience Improvements

When you can track the search intent behind top keywords, see what content people are interacting with, and ensure that pages are loading quickly, your user experience will improve significantly. 

4. Content Goal Alignment

If much of your content is older or outdated, it may not align with your current goals and strategies. A content audit will help you ensure that your current website objectives are in line with the content that is representing your company. 

5. Consistent Messaging 

Taking a fresh look at your content (or having someone outside your organization do so) will help you ensure that your messaging is consistent across all your content. Perhaps different people wrote different blogs or some pieces were published a decade ago while others were published last month. A content audit will help you get an overview of your tone and voice, and it will help ensure that all of the messaging is consistent. 

6. Gap Identification 

When we evaluate your existing content, we can identify gaps in the information you’re providing to your customers. We can then implement a plan to fill those gaps, ensuring that you’re offering what your potential clients are looking for and reaffirming that you can meet their needs. 

7. Resource Allocation

When you have a clear picture of what content is performing well and what isn’t, you can better allocate your resources to improve the necessary gaps in your content marketing strategy. If you see that something is driving a lot of traffic, you can spend some time optimizing that particular content piece to drive additional readers to your site and convert them to customers. 

Content Audits with Lampstand Blogging

If you’re undergoing a website refresh or redesign, or if you’re committed to improving your SEO and visibility to get more business, your starting point should be a content audit. Let Lampstand take a look at your site and gather some information about how all the content is performing. We will then give you recommendations on how to improve your content strategy and give you action steps to implement those strategies. 

We would love to partner with you to improve your content marketing and increase your business this year. Contact us today to learn more or to request a quote for your website’s content audit.

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