A New Era of Digital Marketing

People are consuming more content now than ever before. Whether it’s looking up a new restaurant to try, reading reviews on a product you’re considering buying, or simply scrolling a news feed to stay up to date with friends, the media, or your favorite sports team, content is being devoured constantly. Devices are everywhere, information is everywhere, and we can’t help but embrace our technologically-driven world, no matter how much we long to resist it.

It’s no secret that digital marketing is more relevant today than ever before. This is a great thing for business owners, but with the landscape constantly changing, it’s hard to know how to keep up. While we all may need a few reminders about self-control and our devices from time to time, the content consumption that is running rampant can actually benefit business owners a great deal. You already know people are on the internet constantly, so how can you maximize that to your potential? What can you do RIGHT NOW to embrace the ways of the world and help your business in the process?

Write More Content

That’s the simple answer. It’s been said for years that content is king. But it’s becoming more and more prevalent as Google gets smarter and the internet gets busier. Websites are created every day, but what makes good ones stand out over bad ones? Sure, some of it is about age of the website and the backend techy stuff (read: I don’t do backend, techy stuff because it makes my brain hurt).

But content is seriously king. Google bases your website’s significance on SEO (search engine optimization) and EAT (Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness).

Search engine optimization is about you telling the search engines what your website is about. Are you a real estate agent who sells homes in Atlanta? You need content about homes for sale in Atlanta.

EAT is about showing Google that you know what you’re talking about and that you’re a reliable and relevant source of quality information. You can provide value to your readers and are a solid source of authority on your particular topic.

Content Is King

In a world of backlinks and meta descriptions and alt tags, it can be easy to get overwhelmed and think you’re missing out if you’re not checking all the backend boxes on your website. All the plugins, contact forms, and email lists can’t do much for you if your website is devoid of quality content.

You need some evergreen content (not time-specific but continually relevant), like information about your company, your services, your mission, and so on. This is important so that your website visitors know what you’re all about.

But in addition to that, you need timely content that speaks to the here and now. This might be a “How to” blog post relevant to your industry, it may be a listicle about current trends in your business, or it might be an informational article about how your company can help solve a common problem.

While there certainly is a tipping point, the general rule is that the more content you put out, the better. Granted, the content needs to be well written, informative, and relevant to your business and potential customers. If I were in charge of all the articles about SEO, I would rebrand the phrase to say, “High-quality content is king,” simply because not all content is created equal.

While Google does shift its algorithm and the world of digital marketing is quite fluid, the importance of content has not changed in quite some time. If you want search engines to find your site and share it with the world, start by creating some excellent content.

If you don’t want to, don’t know how, or don’t have the time to create content, contact me and let me know how I can help.

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